Snus Tobacco Alternative

Snus is a type of tobacco that is known for being smokeless. It is consumed by placing the contents in the middle of the gums and the upper lip or the gum and the cheeks. It comes in the form of either loose or pouched; small sachets similar to tea bags.

Snus tobacco is mostly used in Norway and Sweden, with most of its users considering it as an alternative to smoking. Snus is said to be the reason for the lower amounts of smoking in both Norway and Sweden. Going by research done in 2017, Sweden recorded the least number of cigarette smoking in the European Union at 5%, whereas snus consumption stood at 20%.

Also, looking at data produced by the World Health Organization, the mortality rates associated with tobacco in Sweden are low compared to other countries in Europe. In addition, male lung cancer in men was recorded lowest in the region being snus consumers.

Why is it preferred as an alternative to smoking? Because it is smokeless and it has low amounts of nicotine, making it less harmful.

Despite there being other forms of tobacco that are smokeless, snus is also more preferred because of its high absorption levels. Besides, its harmful substances are hardly visible. Most of its consumers are people who are trying to quit smoking and those looking to ingest fewer amounts of nicotine in their bodies.

As per research by the University of Bath, its manufacturing and storage are the reason for its low amounts of toxins. This makes snus a documented alternative for smoking since it provides nicotine in a less harmful form.

Also, snus has different scents consumed in relation to the taste of the user. Some of the snus tobacco flavors include wintergreen and mint. It does not require burning, and spitting is also optional.

Since the year 2002, tobacco companies have massively been investing in snus.